May 14,15,16 you will have a sub.

Early Morning Class: Continue working on your projects! Please remember is you are in doubt about a specialty cut or the procedure please double check the plans or you can ask someone who has already done this step. Please remember that if you are not comfortable with doing some of the steps please sand your project.

Period 1:
a. Finish sanding your projects
b. Prepare materials for your spindles or your panel (there is a different procedure to prepare the panel). If you need to see the handout click here
c. Remember the procedure to bring materials to size (if you forget click here)
d. Mark out the spindles or panels for the dowels. The following video will explain how.

e. Start preparing the 1/2 inch baltic birch for your drawer. The following video will help you with the procedure.The following video will explain and demonstrate.

f. Start preparing the material for your tops. Please do not plane any of the pieces before you glue the panel for your top. Each of the pieces used to make your top should be 100mm wide or less. The finished size will be 480mm x 480mm keep this in mind as you prepare the material (rough cutting and preparing enough material to be wide enough). If you need a refresher take a look at the following page (click here)
This video will help when you glue the panel up.

Period 4:
  • Monday will be the last day for one rotation: Write the final Exam.
  • Tuesday new rotation assignment on shop safety due for Wednesday.
  • Wednesday correct shop safety assignment and start wood science assignment.

Period 5: Continue with your projects but please remember if you are stuck on a procedure that you should finish sand everything you can and then start milling material for the next section of your project.